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When Food Matters

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From the fatal failed traits of our failed orientation is the exaggerated fad of the 21st-century foods. Discussions about foods are always very sensitive. Why not? I’m yet to meet a living soul who does not appreciate foods. As a unique Homo sapiens, we should eat to live and not vice-versa. If my memory serves me right, we are being taught that foods provide the body with essential nutrients needed for growth, development, and prevention of diseases. With the influx of youths in Agriculture and the proliferation of food processing industries, one would expect a healthier nation; after all, foods provide us with nutrients required to keep diseases at bay. However, the reverse is the case. It has become almost impossible to stay healthy in the civilized world of today given the foods we eat. What an irony!

Are we not eating enough? Of course, we are – even more than our illiterate forefathers. We consume more than they do and still fall sick more often than they do. Oh, there’s a need to dig deep into the root cause of our problems especially in this world of technology which proud itself in proffering solutions to all problems.

The open secret is that we eat more than necessary, we eat wrongly and our foods hardly fulfill the description of the word “food”. The last point should deposit an indelible mark in the subconscious of every progressive thinker. To hit the nail on its head, we consume more of chemicals and sugar; the duo of which wreck more havoc on our overall health than we can imagine.

As a nutritionist cum naturopath, I tried to sample the foods consumed by most elites of this generation and I came up with these: fried foods, hyper-acidic foods, fiber-less foods, fatty foods, and soda. I got it! That’s what you are eating as you read through this thought-provoking article. What more? The best among us only take fruits once in a blue moon. Water has been replaced with soda, fruit juice, and carbonated drinks.

A thousand pages may not be enough to espouse the various health implications of the above foods. Nonetheless, in the wake of time, the crux of it all is that among other things, these foods generally rob our body of the essential vitamins we need, ensure that we become obese and suffer myriads of diseases.

Yes, the best among us consume fruits, yet we are better off not taking them because our selfish foes called farmers have “enriched” the fruits with more than enough chemicals so they can amass more profits than expected.“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has become an adage of the old. We consume more apples and still suffer from the most horrible digestive issues despite what we have read of its unique role in preventing digestive diseases. How soon do we discard the golden advice of Hippocrates? He said, “let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Hippocrates must be addressing us when he uttered such a weighty word. Today, we eat just for the fun of it.

Perhaps we need a nutritionist as much as we need doctors, or even more. The respected Nobel Prize winner of 1931 cancer discovery has seen it all when he said: “no disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment”. Pertinently, the question should be how do we alkalize our body? Simply, by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and cutting down the consumption of highly acidic foods. Unfortunately, we choose to turn deaf ear to the great man’s advice. We find solace in medications than paying rapt attention to our diet, human frame, cause, and prevention of disease. And until we resolve to follow religiously the rules of proper diet, we may continue to wallow in perpetual illness. No amount of chemotherapy and expensive injections can salvage us from our self-imposed bondage.


Dr. Yusuf Olatunji M.


Chief Consultant, Vantage Cure Holistic Therapy, Nigeria.