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Post Pandemic Dominance, Winner or Loser?

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Success is no Accident, Success comes to those who dare to attempt.

John Obidi, the Founder, Headstart Africa. Said, “Do not listen to successful people, watch them instead and do what they do.”

We have found ourselves in this situation and we pray to Almighty God to heal our dear Nation and the rest of the World. Our endurance staying at home is to help humanity to fight this war though the enemy remains unseen. We all pray for victory soon.


Sleep, wake, movies, chatting, Instagram, tweeting, this is what you engage in till dusk came, within some minutes, here comes the sun, shining bright like it won’t rest, then it rests and the days continue counting. Is that how you plan to spend the 14days?. Have a look, Turn back and have recourse after reading this.

Do you know the difference between the successful people those that have climbed the ladder and are at the peak and those that are still crawling? The reason is simple, they value time, they listen to the sound of opportunities and they never give it an excuse to pass them by before tieing it down. Here they come, you see them with flying colours while you crawl hoping for a miracle to happen, abracadabra. It is 24hours everywhere except if you can prove me wrong that Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola et all are using 48hours a day while we use 24hours, your dialogue will be welcomed with shreds of evidence.

Jeff Bezos (The Most Richest Man in the world)

You are at home, let me hint you and this is not a SCAM. Do you know people are trading currencies as you are reading this? Buying and selling of stocks are still going on, people are investing big in pharmaceutical and biotech companies getting prepare to add VALUE AND INCOME. Virtual-Strategy sessions are going on as companies are discussing the way forward for their business. Researchers, writers are making their researches to add value and also to be the international bestseller after this pandemic. Digital is now taking over, Digital Online Class for students, Digital Marketing, and so on, then I ask you where do you find yourself among these?

You have to see opportunity in every situation, the lockdown globally is an opportunity for those who can see it, define it and work towards actualizing for better to help the humanity and brings cash to your pocket, foods to the table, a good ride in exchange of commercial car or bike and a resting period when others are running.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has reopened its factories in China and others are now forecasting and preparing for POST COVID-19 WORLD DOMINATION! What are your plans? Do you have any? If YES, good work better and if NO, you can do better.

It should not be a surprise that some people will come out of this lockdown with so much debt and then the race to pay the debt began. Running helter-skelter to repay those debts.

As said earlier, optimize this time to add value to yourself and stay ahead of others. A song goes thus during our Tutorial session in Lagos (Mushin)“Do not waste your golden time, for the days are going by, once an opportunity was lost can never be regained” fewer people get to have a second chance and that’s if luckily you are among the fewer people. Do not expect the opportunity to wait for you, IT WILL NOT, IT CAN NOT! Get prepared and wait for OPPORTUNITY, let it meet you prepared with all the necessary things needed.

The world is changing, it moves quickly, things advance quickly faster than when we blink, just like flash. Technology is advancing. Luckily for this 21st Century generation, the internet is at our palm, it only depends on what you do with your accessibility to the internet.

Let me talk to our YOUNG and VIBRANT Secondary, College students who are just leaving their institutions right now enrolling in Higher Institutions. This is good you need it but are you prepared? You need skills, most of you are smart even than those that came before you, you can access the internet fast, dazzles on the keyboard faster. But Social Media has taken control! Good Social Media can be used for business and to promote ideas, but you engage in otherwise! Take your time and read online, enrol for courses, be computer literate, learn phyton, graphics design, web design, video Animation, and other programs. A man once said during a program tagged BE RELEVANT (AKWA IBOM CORPERS SUMMIT) hosted by ENO SAM, Founder of Brilliant Entrepreneur Writers Academy, one of the facilitators EDWIN WEST said “My daughter after her Primary level will start coding, programming. This is good. You too can do better.

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GRADUATES and CORP MEMBERS, Graduates that are ready to leave their citadels of learning, whether you like it or not you are coming to the outer world to have a taste of how juicy and bitter it is, mixed feelings, mixed reactions more than you have ever seen, but preparation ahead and determination will make you taste, drink and swim in the juicy part of it. While in school, did you had a vocational skill? If YES or NO, use this time now to enrol for online programs and other soft skills. Believe me 1000% x 1000% that soon your grades whether First Class/Distinction, Second Class/Upper, Lower Credit and so on will not be considered as the term for employment but rather a second choice. Do not misunderstand me, a good grade is okay and good, very good but the skills are better. Employers are now in search of skills and abilities. What can you offer us is the question? Can we know what you can do? Prepare yourself and use your time judiciously to prepare, also CORPER WEE! take heed and make your service year counts, luckily you are now earning more than some people that are working, then why are you not investing in yourself? Enrol for professional courses, take advantage of your SAED Skills, get certified and have a chance ahead. Future belongs to those who prepare for it.

Entrepreneurs, Businessman/woman, are you planning on the way forward also? Seeing the changes in the Digital world, are you also ready to move forward? Your answer must not be I will try or Am not! YOU MUST! if you still want to be in the Market. It will be better for you to join the moving train.

Add value to yourself, invest in yourself. Be a winner! But if you lose, hold yourself to be blamed.





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