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Pantami partners IBM to train Nigerians on Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI and Others

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The Nigerian Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy in partnership with IBM is set to commence and provide options for digital training for Nigerians through the IBM Digital Nation Africa programme.

The Technical Assistant Information Technology to Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Femi Adeluyi, said that the Ministry is partnering with a number of institutions to enable Nigerians to acquire cutting edge digital skills within the comfort of their homes.

One of such partnerships is based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed with IBM on the 16th of January, 2020.

Dr. Adeluyi also said that through this partnership and as part of the IBM Digital Nation Africa programme, ”the Ministry will be providing Nigerians with over 280 hours of free learning and 85 courses on key emerging technologies like, Blockchain; Artificial Intelligence; Big Data; and Cloud Computing. Nigerians are encouraged to register today at http://idna.digitalnigeria.gov.ng.”

Users can also access the programme through the “IBM Digital Nation Africa” an App on Google Play Store.

Dr. Adeluyi noted that the Ministry would be sharing similar opportunities in the coming days on its social media pages, website and on www.digitalnigeria.gov.ng.

”These programmes will include training courses provided as a result of our collaborations with the following partners: African Development Bank, Coding for Employment programme and Huawei, ICT Academy Telecom and Information Technology Skills programme,” Dr.Adeluyi stated.

The Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy is committed to developing the capacity of Nigerians to use technology to solve problems.

We will also deploy technology to limit the disruption to education and the economy caused by COVID-19. Through the Digital Nigeria programme we will empower people to develop skills and build innovative solutions to tackle challenges within our community, Dr. Adeluyi explained.

President Muhammadu Buhari had launched the Digital Nigeria Programme on the 19th of March, 2020 as ‘one of Nigerian Government’s key initiatives that will empower innovators and entrepreneurs with skills required to thrive in our emerging digital economy.’