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Egypt’s Eventtus raises funding to develop events platform

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Millionaires Horizon is a sphere where future millionaires update their horizon of knowledge and financial intelligence. Our mission is to pinpoint business opportunities around the world and from diverse industries. Today, our focus is on Eventtus.

Egyptian tech company Eventtus has raised an undisclosed amount in funding to help it launch a digital events platform to continue operating amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the startup’s CEO Mai Medhat announced earlier this week.

Writing in a blog post on Monday (13 April), Medhat said the investment was raised from Hala VenturesAlgebra Ventures and Daal VC

Eventtus, founded in 2012 by Medhat and Nihal Fares, has developed a platform for events ticketing, event management and apps for events.

Medhat said the startup will be using the funding for further development and innovation in a bid to sustain the industry.

She said the company’s team is working on something that’s “completely different from what’s being featured in the market nowadays”.

“We realised that while people are resorting to live streaming on different platforms such as Facebook and Zoom to host sessions and webinars, event planners and attendees will still need the other essential components of event experience that a simple live video does not completely fulfil. New types and formats of events will emerge to meet the different needs,” she said.

She added that the company has developed a roadmap that allows it to “redefine and reimagine” the event experience from an advanced perspective that integrates the vital parts of the life and the virtual event.

“We are adapting to the fast-paced, everyday changes as we go, and we are still figuring some things out; but we have taken it upon ourselves to adapt and react to the current situation so that we could continue empowering event planners and everyone who loves events as much as we do,” Medhat said.

Featured image: Eventtus CEO Mai Medhat (Facebook)